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Uncover Hidden Gems: 10 Fun Things To Do in Houston

Houston is a metropolitan city in Texas home to two and a half million residents. It is known as the unofficial capital of Texas due to its rich history and culture. You will find fantastic BBQ, incredible street art, and many other hidden gems on the list of fun things to do in Houston.

Houston is considered one of the best vacation destinations to go to. If you are going, you need to plan ahead!

The city has over 150 museums, including NASA’s Space Center Houston and others that showcase the historical events that shaped the city of Houston. For travelers and visitors to the city, there is a lot they can do to make the most of their time in the US.

Top 10 Things in Houston to Make Your Visit Memorable

There are various fun things to do in Houston that will give you the experience of a lifetime. These include everything from visiting historical sites to hopping inside quirky museums.

1. Space Center Houston

There are all kinds of fun activities in Houston, but nothing beats NASA’s Space Center. You will find all sorts of space exploration equipment and clothing, such as space suits from historical missions, shuttles, and other space artifacts. You will also find a tram tour that will take you through training facilities in the Johnson Space Center and mission control areas.

If you love a souvenir, you will find one at the Spacetrader gift shop. Here, you can enjoy delicious astronaut ice cream as well.

2. Mercer Botanic Garden

If you love gardens and greenery, this is the perfect spot to spend time in Houston. Mercer Botanic Garden is located north of Houston, Texas, within 300 acres of riparian parkland.

You can find a fantastic collection of exotic plants such as bamboo, cycads, camellias, azaleas, and Texas native plants. The annual floral displays, which boast beautiful and colorful flowers will be one of the fun things to do in Houston city.

3. Beer Can House

This place can be a perfect stop to explore a vast beer collection. The Beer Can House is at 222 Malone Street, Houston, Texas. The story behind the site is about a retired upholsterer John Milkovisch who gave his home in the Rice Military neighborhood a makeover.

The house is covered entirely with 50,000 cans of beer. The house has its own armor and is cool-looking. Moreover, the house contributes to the cause of recycling as well.

4. The Dr. Seuss Experience

The Dr. Seuss Experience is in the George Brown Convention Center, Houston. The place is a paradise for the lovers of Dr. Seuss, a famous book writer.

Here you will find all the fantastic stuff you read about in the books of Dr. Seuss. Your children might love to visit this place as it’s a great indoor activity in Houston. They can literally step into each page of Dr. Seuss’s books and feel the imaginative world come to life.

5. Houston Museum of Natural Science

If you are a museum lover, Houston is the perfect place. The Houston Museum of Natural Science is located on Hermann Park Drive and has prestige and beauty. You may find unique ancient artifacts, dinosaur skeletons, valuable gemstones, and other technological and scientific marvels. It’s definitely a fun place to go in Houston.

You can also find a butterfly conservatory, planetarium, and night sky observatory. The place is packed with so much stuff you can only complete your tour in 2 hours.

6. Galveston

If you love the natural stuff, then Galveston island is a place you should definitely add to your bucket list. You can relax during hot summers in front of the cool sea breeze while sipping on your favorite mocktail. The beach town even has fantastic restaurants where you can find delicious cuisines to savor your taste buds.

7. Seismique

You love art but prefer something other than the old-school style. Well, we have the Seismique experiential art museum in Houston. The place is filled with Holograms, wormholes, and projections that give you an immersive experience you will remember forever.

The 60,000 square feet facility is famous for its instagrammable vibe. This is the perfect spot if you are ignited by LED lights and quirky stuff.

8. Buffalo Bayou Park

Another incredible sight in Houston is an urban park; its size will blow your mind. Buffalo Bayou Park is as big as 160 acres, yet it is a hidden treasure in the middle of the city. You can do a lot at this park, such as visiting the Wortham Foundation Grove, which is a sight to behold in itself.

If you are a fan of biking or hiking, you can find rentals available at the park entrance. The park is also a great place for family fun in Houston as there are food trucks where you can feed your family during your visit.

9. Chinatown

There are multicultural things to do in Houston as well. One such place is Chinatown. Houston has the second-largest Indochinese population in the US.

You will find all sorts of tempting and delicious meals at the Hong Kong Food Market. Everything is worth drooling over, from the dim sum at Ocean Palace to the vermicelli soup at Tan Tan! Remember to stroll around the Jade Buddha temple in the evening.

If you love to shop and save, Chinatown always has affordable places to shop and eat.

10. The Museum of Fine Arts

You will find various art pieces from history at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. You will travel the ancient world using the lens of an artist and experience how far we have come.

The best way to go around the museum is via the free guided tour. It will give you detailed insights into the museum and its permanent collections. With these tours, you also get a chance to explore the museum’s satellite sites.

Ready to Explore Houston?

There are even more things to do in Houston that couldn’t make up the list but offer equally impressive experiences. The city is a vibe on its own, and even if you roam around the buildings and streets, you will have the best time of your life. Make sure you list all the places you want to visit in Houston because the city is enormous, and you might get carried away.

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