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10 Asian Healthy Lunch Ideas that Are Better than Takeout

Maintaining a healthy diet feels like a chore when you already have a busy life. In the hustle and bustle of it all, it’s hard to resist takeout since it’s convenient and fast. However, if you keep ordering takeout, it can affect your health in the long run. You need some Asian healthy lunch or dinner ideas that are brim with flavors and keep you fit.

Saving time is what everyone likes and that is why 60% of Americans order takeout or delivery at least once a week. There is nothing wrong with that, but if you want to stay healthy and save money, you need to figure out a system for yourself.

And if you don’t know what Asian food you should make, you can go dine at an Asian restaurant that offers an Asian healthy lunch or dinner so you can get inspiration to make them. If that takes too long, keep reading to see what options you have.

Why You Should Make Your Own Food?

Embracing the art of homemade food empowers you to take charge of your health, relish delightful flavors, and discover the joy of culinary exploration. Making an Asian healthy lunch or dinner offers many benefits to a healthier and more content lifestyle.

Cost Effectiveness: Frequent dining out or relying on processed foods can strain your budget. Relying on Asian-inspired healthy lunch ideas saves you money by curbing unnecessary expenses and avoiding additional fees and tips.

Healthier Choices: Preparing your own food enables you to steer clear of harmful additives, preservatives, artificial flavors, and hidden sugars that can negatively impact your health.

Personal Taste: When you cook your own meals, you have the freedom to customize each dish according to your preferences and dietary needs. From selecting the finest ingredients to experimenting with various spices and sauces, you can craft culinary delights that resonate with your taste buds.

Nutrient-Rich Options: Home-cooked meals are a gateway to consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables, brimming with essential minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber. You can ensure a balanced and nutritious diet with control over fat, salt, and sugar content.

Gratifying Experience: Growing, harvesting, preparing, and cooking your own food can be deeply satisfying and rewarding. Embrace the joy of creating delectable dishes and take pride in sharing your culinary masterpieces with family and friends.

Our Ten Top Picks of the Asian Healthy Lunch Ideas

Explore the rich and diverse world of Asian cuisine with our list of mouthwatering delights. From savory stir-fries and aromatic curries to refreshing spring rolls and delectable sushi, Asian foods offer an array of flavors and textures to satisfy every palate.

1. Stir-fried Noodles

This accounts for the most loved healthy lunch ideas due to its versatility and nutritious components. This dish becomes a well-rounded meal by using whole-grain or vegetable-based noodles and adding lean protein like chicken or tofu, along with abundant fresh vegetables. The minimal use of oil and a simple soy, oyster sauce, sugar, and vinegar sauce ensures a satisfying yet health-conscious option. This is a healthy and cheap meal to make that doesn’t require a lot of time.

2. Chicken Stir-Fry

This healthy lunch idea is a nutritious blend of tender chicken, fresh veggies, and a spike of flavorful sauce. The sauce has chicken broth, soy sauce, honey, and garlic. By using lean chicken and a variety of colorful vegetables, you get a well-balanced meal packed with impeccable taste and essential nutrients.

3. Japanese Curry

A hearty and comforting option, Japanese curry incorporates wholesome ingredients like onions, carrots, potatoes, and your choice of meat or tofu. Using store-bought curry roux cubes ensures convenience without compromising on taste. This dish is rich in flavor and offers a comforting balance of protein, fiber, and vitamins.

4. Beef and Broccoli

This homemade version of a classic Chinese takeout dish allows you to control the ingredients, opting for lean beef and fresh broccoli. The savory sauce, made with garlic, soy sauce, ginger, and brown sugar, enhances the taste without excess sodium. With this healthy twist, you get a satisfying meal with the perfect blend of protein and vegetables.

5. Korean Bibimbap

A vibrant and wholesome rice bowl, Korean Bibimbap features an array of colorful cooked veggies and protein sources. This nutrient-rich dish incorporates various vitamins and vegetable minerals, offering a balanced and healthy meal. The gochujang-based sauce adds a touch of spiciness and umami flavor to enhance the overall experience.

6. Thai Basil Chicken

This flavorful and spicy Thai Basil Chicken dish combines ground chicken with aromatic Thai basil leaves and a blend of savory sauces. With the use of lean ground chicken and fresh herbs, this meal is a protein-packed and low-calorie option, providing a burst of flavors that tantalize the taste buds.

7. Vietnamese Spring Rolls

These light and refreshing spring rolls are filled with nutritious ingredients like rice noodles, fresh vegetables, and cooked shrimp or chicken. Wrapped in rice paper, they are low-calorie and gluten-free options. Paired with tangy dipping sauce, this dish offers a delightful combo of textures and flavors.

8. Indonesian Nasi Goreng

It becomes a nutritious lunch choice by using chicken or shrimp and incorporating an array of veggies. Indonesian fried rice dish, ketchup manis, and sambal oelek add a savory touch without compromising the nutritional value.

9. Indian Tikka Masala

Despite its rich and creamy texture, this Indian Chicken Tikka Masala can be a another worthy option on the list of the best Asian-inspired healthy lunch ideas. The use of yogurt and a blend of aromatic spices provides a palate-stimulating flavor without the need for excessive amounts of cream or oil.

10. Filipino Chicken Adobo

This dish can be a healthy yet savory choice made with simple ingredients. The chicken is simmered in a flavorful mixture of vinegar, soy sauce, and spices, enhancing taste and preserving the meat. This dish is a true definition of tangy and gastronomical flavors.

Asian Cuisine or Takeout?

An Asian healthy lunch is an excellent choice for those who want to stay healthy and reduce calories. These homemade dishes allow for customization, ensuring we use fresh, nutritious ingredients and avoid harmful additives. By experimenting with different cuisines, you discover new Asian healthy lunch favorites.

Preparing these meals can help control portion sizes, reduce excessive fats and sugars, and promote a balanced diet. Additionally, the diverse array of Asian flavors offers a delightful culinary adventure, making each lunch a unique and satisfying experience.

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