Are Designer Brands Worth It or Waste of Money?

Are Designer Brands Worth It or Waste of Money?

When it comes to wearing designer brands clothing, the light in which others see you is more often than not the primary reason. While most would argue that branded clothing signifies quality but inherently wearing a Gucci bag or the latest Converse garners attraction or looks. Is it that, or are there other nuances to brand clothing? We know you must also be battling whenever you want to buy new clothes that are the designer brands worth your hard-earned money or not.

According to Oberlo, 47.3% of Americans buy luxury footwear, followed by handbags and leather goods.

As much as everyone loves to shop and save, are designer brand goods worth the money?

Why Are Designer Brands Worth Your Money

Do you want to look nice and want others to notice how amazing you look? Then it is apparent to wear designer brand apparel. Furthermore, there is more than the brand name that you get out of these brands.

Amazing Fitting

Let’s face it, one of the defining traits of luxury brands and clothing is their pristine seams and how they properly fit your every curve. Most designs in branded clothing work closely with human anatomy and ensure most average consumers get the perfect fitting.

All you need to consider is the size you can wear; the fitting will be perfect. No wonder many consumers would prefer brands when they want to buy something they can wear on most occasions.

Material Quality is Always Spot On

During the summer, you will see tons of brands promoting their newest collection, and most of them will choose cotton or mixed cotton for them. But when you compare an article from a designer brand’s collection with a regular one, the brand’s quality will always be better.

The cotton will be softer and sturdier, showing longevity and quality. At the same time, the common one may seem coarser to the touch.

Rarity and Exclusivity

Owning something that looks and feels good that others cannot buy or have is a reason for pride for most customers. Since the dawn of consumerism, unique and limited editions have always been the talk of the town. Whether it is a mobile device, a vehicle, or the latest jewelry, the moment you know it’s limited, you want in on it.

Customer Care and Service

You can feel the difference when you enter a brand outlet, the class, the quality, and how the reps talk to you. Even when you have any issues with any article, they are above and beyond helpful to alleviate any problems that may arise from a faulty item. Of course, most argue that the expensive pricing entails good customer care. However, most don’t, which is still an exemplary aspect of a brand.

Hold Their Resale Value Very Well

With quality comes the notion of longevity because that’s what most brands present because of their high pricing. So when you buy any designer brands collection article, you are primarily sure they will last you a while. The same perception remains when you go for 2nd hand or used market for these brands. People love to buy good quality branded products for a reasonable price.

Why Are Designer Brands Not Worth Your Money?

If you take off your rose-tinted glasses for a moment, you will see why designer brands aren’t worth it for some of these reasons.

Brand Pricing

Designer brands are always high priced, not just for the quality but the designer’s name pasted on each clothing item. The price hike on branded clothing, even if they use the same material or design as a regular brand, is the tag that means something. Half the price will be on the style, quality, and material, while the rest will be the Gucci-esque name you buy from.

So when an average Joe buys expensive clothing, they usually can’t justify exorbitant amounts for a single article. They can afford it, but if they look at other similar brands, they can get more than one article with the same quality at the same price.

Quality of the Product Vs. The Money Paid

Sometimes it takes work to justify designer brands’ cost and quality ratio. We know the quality is top-notch, and we know that they will last longer, but does that justify the price? If you search online for similar articles, you will find similar looks with many other brands but at half the price. So why would someone pay twice the amount for practically the same thing?

This is one of the biggest cons for designer brands because non-branded clothing will always win out regarding the quality vs. the price ratio.

Style Isn’t Inherent of Designer Brands

Clothes don’t give you style and class; it’s how to wear and carry them, which most brand followers need to remember. We have repeatedly seen it when brands bring out something ridiculous, and it becomes the talk of the town, even if it is physically or style-wise terrible. So if you want to look sexy, stylish, and classy, you should have a style sense and can achieve this with even the cheapest of articles, not only from brands.

Perceived Notion of Class

Most designer brands spend millions of dollars every year on their brand imaging. They lay out a whole campaign promoting the added qualities of going with their style. Sooner or later, the consumer builds their narrative that status is part of that brand, and success will surely follow.

If making an impression is a prime reason, it can garner attention. But it will be for naught if you don’t have qualities to back them up. This causes thousands of customers to spend a premium price to feel that success that isn’t there.

Yes or No to Designer Brands?

We have laid out the positive and negative aspects of branded clothing in this article, and ultimately, it falls to the consumer to make the final decision. Quality and style aren’t synonymous with designer brands anymore, as many tremendous but cheaper brands provide the same service. You can get 3-4 articles with the same quality and style when buying a single-brand report which tells a lot about the demographic.

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