Disney World vs. Disneyland – All the Differences You Need to Know

Disney World vs. Disneyland – All the Differences You Need to Know

Disney World and Disneyland have magical qualities that bring you back to your childhood with their fantastic atmosphere and rides—a time when everything is fun and full of joy. Now the first thing that comes to mind is “which is which” When considering Disney World vs. Disneyland, many get confused. You should be aware of a few critical differences between Disney World vs. Disneyland to make your next journey to the magical world magical.

What is Disney Land?

Disney Land is a theme park based on characters from Walt Disney and the Disney company; first constructed and opened in 1955 and was mainly designed and constructed under the direct supervision of Walt Disney.

The concept behind Disney Land is based on Walt Disney’s visit to Griffith Park with his daughter. Parents and kids can have fun and enjoy themselves together in this place. To visit the original Disneyland, you must visit Anaheim, California, outside Los Angeles city, just an hour’s ride.

What is Disneyworld?

As you now know, the originally constructed Disneyland stood up under the supervision of Walt Disney. Disney’s subsequent theme park is called Disneyworld, located in Orlando, Florida, and hosts four main parks under its single park.

· Magic Kingdom

· Disney’s Hollywood Studios

· Epcot

· Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Furthermore, Disneyworld is now constructed in major cities like Tokyo, Hongkong, Shanghai, and more.

Disney World vs. Disneyland – The Different Between the Two

In the previous sections, we shared the fundamental difference between Disney World vs. Disneyland, and here we see some minor differences.

But first, the significant difference between Disney World vs. Disneyland is the sheer size. The original one is only 500 acres, manageable for visitors who need more time, with a few theme parks, some dining, and an entertainment district. On the other hand, Disney World is a staggering 27,000 acres full of theme parks, restaurants, hotels, and much more. If you want to plan a good holiday, you can spend a lot of time here. You won’t have to leave as you can easily stay there and visit the theme parks using all-encompassing transportation.

Now that the size of the Disney World vs. Disneyland matter is aside, let’s look at other things you might want to know here.


On the pricing end, it is the same, and the differences are only due to the location and other minor things. If you want to shop and save, it’s better to go with many people to save costs, and you can spend more on other things.

For one-day part tickets, you pay a minimum of $109 in Disney World, while a lower $104 in Disneyland—the price hikes to $189 and $179 simultaneously for peak and high-demand periods.

For the onsite accommodation, you get to pay somewhere between $200 and $1,000 per night in Disney World, and the minimum onsite accommodation in Disneyland starts from $300.

Disney World allows accessible resort parking for the guests and regular parking free. Disney Land asks you to pay for parking, so avoiding taking your car when planning to visit Disneyland is recommended.


There are some differences between Disney World vs. Disneyland in terms of rides. Still, also, there are many crossovers when comparing Disney Land and Disney World’s magic kingdom.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Small World are in both parks. One of the differences between them is having their version of Star Wars rides known as Galaxy’s Edge.

Finally, Disney World offers 215 attractions from the four parks, while 119 from Disneyland are in the two parks.


Each of the Disney World vs. Disneyland resorts has many unique events held throughout each year, which are mentioned below.

Disney World

· EPCOT International Festival of the Arts

· EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival

· Earth Day celebrations at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

· Earth Day celebrations at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

· EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays

· Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas at Magic Kingdom

· Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween at Magic Kingdom


· Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival

· Lunar New Year celebrations at Disney California Adventure

· Día de los Muertos festivities at both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure

· Oogie Boogie Bash at Disneyland

· Disney Festival of Holidays and Disney ¡Viva Navidad! Street Party at Disney California Adventure

· Eggstravaganza at Disneyland

Pros & Cons

Let’s look at the pros and cons of Disney World vs. Disneyland that we might need to look into in the above sections.

Disney World


· Staggeringly bigger than Disneyland, with tons to see and do.

· It’s so huge that it’s easier to stay immersed in magic because you can stay here for days and don’t need to leave.

· It has become one of the most popular vacation locations in recent years.


· It takes time and effort to see it fully, even after all the transportation.

· The FOMO is dreadful because of the sheer size of the place.



· The original park and full of charm, history, and Walt Disney’s magic.

· Due to size, everything and each attraction are within walking distance.

· Best for visitors who are short on time and on a strict time.


· Though you can enjoy it fully, it has fewer things to do.

· In the middle of Anaheim, so a pretty crowded location.


When it comes to Disney World vs. Disneyland, it’s hard to choose. Still, if you go by the sheer size of the place and amount of attractions, Disney World takes the cake. It is more modern and has tons of attractions with accommodations on site. You can plan and enjoy a whole week in Disney World. The major attraction of Disneyland is more nostalgia and the historical significance of the park, where you can see the original thought process and love of Walt Disney. So, Disneyland is a must-see, but for one time, see everything in it to tick off your list.

Disney World is magical, like Disneyland, with more rides, places to see, and different parts of the world.

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