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Things to Put in Gift Bags for Your Friends and Family

Gift bags, also known as goody bags or swag bags, are great to give out to your guests. Whether you are having a party, gatherings, baby shower, or graduation party, gift bags make the event more memorable.

There are so many ways to make and put things into your gift bags. You can design your gift bags from Zazzle or For Your Party and start putting some goodies into your bag afterward. 

If you don’t know what to put into your gift bags, here are some ideas.  

Goodies to Put in Gift Bags

1. Gift Cards

There are times you don’t know what to give your loved ones or even your colleagues as you are perplexed if they will like it or not. The easiest answer or choice is to pack a few discount cards if you don’t want to give them money. This way, they can get discounts from places they enjoy and choose for themselves.

However, knowing what they like more or are looking forward to is recommended. Add a few candies or cookies to fill the empty space and let them find the real prize.

2. Candies

Whether your gift bag is big or small, your items are any size; candies lighten the mood and make them feel easy and relaxed. Or you can simply give them a collection of candies featured in a box and presented in a gift bag. This is especially true of you returning from travel while bringing local candies from your destination. They are the best inclusion for kids of any age, especially if it is a festive occasion.

3. Baked Goods

Many cultures around the world gift baked goods, especially during a festival or holiday season. Mooncakes from China, Christmas cookies in the Western world, and so on are always welcome to enhance the holiday season. Even when celebrating your engagement or marriage, you can give your friends and family a good bakery. Though we recommend getting these from a good bakery instead of making your own.

4. Accessories

This is quite a big classification, but it can be anything you know whom your gifting would appreciate. Beauty accessories for women in your life, like perfumes, makeup kits, brushes, clips, catchers, etc. A tool accessory for the ones who have it handy with them. You can also gift electronic accessories like AirPods, charging cables, laptop sleeves to students, etc.

5. Fuzzy Socks

You cannot get enough socks, no matter where you live or what season is going on. Especially in the winter holiday season, warm and fuzzy socks must be part of gift bags. If someone is expecting a baby, cute little colorful socks are also necessary for any gift bag you design. They can even be part of a cookie box during Christmas or when someone is moving to another region.

6. Necessity

Items like water bottles, sunscreen, portable chargers, etc., can be part of gift bags particular to each situation and individual. Someone loves running or sports, a water bottle. Your friends or family are traveling in a warm and sunny destination, sunscreen.

Most gift bags that must include necessities should be accommodated based on the person you are gifting to. So consider talking to them about such things and their issues. You will get many hints on what you can buy them to help them immensely.

7. Manicure Set in a Jar

Self-care products are essential for every woman, so why not make a manicure jar set as a gift bag? It will have all the necessities in a beautiful-looking jar, much better than other gift bags. They can use it afterward for other things once they are done. It can be a fantastic gift for your nieces or girls who are growing up.

8. Perfumes

Gifting your loved ones’ perfumes is another excellent option to include in gift bags. You can give them a good pair with the same company but a unique fragrance if they are a couple. You can also include different perfumes for others, like your friends or BFFs who love to wear particular scent notes on different occasions.

9. DIY Sets

This might be an outlier, but nonetheless, it is a great gift. A no-brainer for kids, which can include painting sets, Lego blocks, or a similar one you can get tons of online. If you know someone has a hobby, it’s easier to narrow down the perfect DIY gift set.

10. Clothing Items

You can never go wrong with clothing items, though sometimes you might make the wrong choice of fashion or size. It can be easily managed if you bring a return or replacement card or voucher with you so they can replace it easily if needed.

Clothes for new moms and young kids are always a good choice because they grow up fast and can help the parents financially. They are also a good option for gift bags if someone is starting a new job and needs a clothing push start before their first paycheck.

Give Your Guests Something to Cherish!

Gift bags aren’t just a gift you give to friends, family, colleagues, etc., but a sign of appreciation for someone who matters in your life. It doesn’t always have to be expensive, but as long as it is unique, simple, and practical, it works. Gifts can also be occasion-specific and enhance the mood of the occasion.

So next time the holiday festival comes, and you want to enjoy it immensely, showing your love for family and friends, prepare gift bags for them.

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