How to Start an Etsy Shop Guide

9 Easy Steps: How to Start an Etsy Shop Guide

Etsy is becoming a global phenomenon with 90 million active users and 5 million sellers, especially for artisans and handmade goods. It may seem a tall task when you want to know how to start an Etsy shop, but it’s easy.

There are not only users who buy things on Etsy but many fabulous sellers too. According to Statista, there were over 7.4 million sellers on the platform. Whether doing it part-time or as a side hustle, you can become an Etsy seller.

If you are struggling on how to start an Etsy shop, I got your back.

Before You Get Your Hands on Etsy, You Should Complete These Things

Here are a few things that must be filled out before you jump into Etsy

Design – Good branding is vital for your first Etsy sale. Hire a graphic designer or buy a template on Etsy for product labels. Print at home or order online.

Photos – Make sure your product photos show the effort you put in. No need to hire a pro photographer. Use portrait mode in a sunny spot, or buy a lightbox.

Banking – Creating a separate bank account for your Etsy shop makes tax filing easier. Please keep all your business transactions in one place instead of mixing them with personal money.

Packing Materials – Make sure you have all the materials you need to pack your items before you start getting orders. Etsy buyers like to get their packages quickly, so it’s essential to be ready to ship them out as soon as possible. If you keep selling things on Etsy, consider using boxes with your design and a special printer to make labels.

9 Easy Steps for How to Start an Etsy Shop

1. Create Your Account

The process is as simple as registering an account on any website though the steps are a bit long. But first, you need to make a regular Etsy account, and after you register, go to the grey circle that is your profile splash. From the drop menu and click “Sell on Etsy,” and then when it opens, click “Open Your Etsy Shop” to complete the first step.

2. Shop Preferences

Just the regular information entering a page and nothing too out of the ordinary. When you are done, click the “Save and Continue” button at the bottom.

3. The Shop Name

The shop’s name should be unique, less than 20 characters, and devoid of unaccented Roman letters with numbers. Click the check “availability button” to see if it’s available. Be ready to make minor adjustments if the name is already taken or take suggestions from the Etsy shop. When you are finished, click “Save and Continue” to proceed.

4. Create You Listing(s)

Etsy typically recommends a minimum of 10 listings to increase your chances of getting good visibility. It doesn’t matter if it’s one listing or 10; you must include the following.

· Photos – Though a listing can be with a single photo, it should add as many as up to 10 total. Product image, comparison with a regular item to gauge the size, and some usage scenario photos should be included.

· Videos  If you are content with just photos, we understand. Still, videos can set your product apart from the bunch, which should show your product from all angles.

· Details – The product’s page, designer, physical or digital, and other important specs with a bit of detail should be included and tagged.

· Pricing and Inventory – Factor the cost of material, transportation, shipping, and labor into the final price. Also, don’t forget to include an SKU.

· Variations – Plan on adding colors and sizes if you have them and allow customization options if you can accommodate them.

· Shipping – We have covered that in the pricing, and here you should enter the time to make after ordering and the countries or regions you can ship to.

Once you are done, you can preview everything after clicking “Save and continue.”

5. Payment Settings

This one may be complicated for newcomers and deter you from the easy process of “how to start an Etsy shop,” but get the help of someone who knows better. You need to understand the difference between “individual or sole proprietorship” and incorporated business because you need to fill in everything.

6. Credit Card Details

Entering credit card information is a must to get charged for Etsy fees but rest assured it is secure. You will choose automatic billing or pay each month yourself. Listing, transaction, and processing fees will be combined into Etsy fees.

7. Shop Opening

Once you’ve entered your credit card details, the “open your shop” button will turn black. That means you can click on it, and your shop will officially be open! This is a significant achievement in this “how to start an Etsy shop process,” You can now start sharing your shop with your friends, family, and followers. Spread the word and let people know your shop is open for business!

8. Update Your Bio & Briefly Describe Your Shop

When you make an Etsy shop, it’s good to let your customers know who you are as an artist. You can add a short bio and picture to your shop. It’s a chance to tell them why you started your shop, like raising money for a cause or helping with a personal journey. This can help you connect with your customers and make them more likely to buy from you.

9. Set Up Your Shop Policies

When you start selling on Etsy, having a clear shop policy section is essential. This can help answer any buyer’s questions and prevent unnecessary back-and-forth messaging. Your policy section can also help you in case of any disputes.

The policy section should cover essential topics, such as:

· Processing time – How long it takes to prepare and ship an order.

· Shipping policies – Your preferred shipping method and any specific rules you may have, like using USPS Priority to get free insurance.

· Payment options – How buyers can pay for their orders.

· Returns and Exchanges Policy – Your policy on returning or exchanging an item.

These policies will help you establish trust with your customers and make them feel more confident purchasing from your shop.


If you are going to open a brand-new shop on Etsy, then things can be tricky for you but worry not. Learning how to start an Etsy shop isn’t tough. It’s when you have to be disciplined and start taking action. Here we have shared a complete guide on how to start an Etsy shop in a few easy steps.

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