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The Lifestyle Blog Is Now Live!

Welcome to my cozy place on the internet! The Ordinary Asian Girl blog is finally live now, and I am so excited to start this new adventure.

I debated long and hard for days, weeks, and months if I should launch a lifestyle blog because I’m not a great writer and don’t know what to write. When I was thinking about my lifestyle blog, I feared everything.

“What if I want to give up? Is anyone going to read my blog? Can I bring value to my audience? Will I sound boring to people online? Will I be wasting time by doing this?” All these questions were going through my head, and I was afraid to take that first step.

But I know I’m not the only one who thinks like this. In this world, nothing in life is fair or a guarantee unless you make it happen yourself. Nothing will happen if you don’t take that first step.

Once you take action, you are already ahead of 99% of the people. If I want to be in the top 1%, I have to do what the other 99% of the people won’t do and that, my friend, is why I decided to take action for myself.

Here I am now! I just launched it and told myself I could worry about the other things later. Life is too short, so why not just give it a shot? I won’t die tomorrow by publishing one post. The only thing at the end of my life is regret, and I don’t want to regret anything in life.

A Little Bit About Me

Anyway, to those wondering who I am, I’m Cindy, your typical normal Asian girl, aka a girl who is lost about life and exploring life at her own pace. Even though I have a job and whatnot, I still feel dissatisfied, like something is missing. There are so many things that I want to do, so I decided to explore new ideas and see what other options are out there. I have always been a creative person, but I don’t know what I should do with my creativity.

So, I decided to start this lifestyle blog to see where it would go. This blog will be my safe place to share content people can relate to. Life is something everyone wishes they had together, but you know how it is. Life is unpredictable and a long journey. You may be living your best life or still confused like me, which is perfectly okay. Every human is constantly exploring their values and goals every day. Those values and goals can change over time.

No one’s life is perfect, but you still want to live without regrets.

Why I Started this Lifestyle Blog?

I do have another blog, but I wanted to start another one for fun and as a challenge. Making a blog and designing the site lets me explore my creativity. It gives me peace, you can say.

This lifestyle blog I created allows you to read, enjoy, and just find peace for yourself. If you are a person who always compares yourself to others, just don’t! You may think that their lives are perfect, but in reality, that is not always the case. Don’t worry about others but yourself! If you want to thrive and take your life to the next level, you need to find something that will spark your passion and help you succeed.

Start Taking Action

Live your life the way you want to live. Don’t live it for your significant other, your friend, your parents, or anyone else. At the end of the day, you are the decision-maker. Your life is for you to live. Don’t let anyone rob that from you!

Whether you are starting back at square one or advancing in your career, your life is for you to determine. You just have to know that everything in life takes work, time, and dedication.

Time management will be the key to your success because time is something you can never take back. I can make all my money back, but I cannot return in time to fix my previous mistakes.

If you want to start a side hustle or business, get your ideas going! Whatever you do, you must remember that it will not be a smooth journey.

You don’t want to fail? Life is all about failing, taking risks, and trying new things. You won’t know everything until you do it. Start that business journey you’ve been dying to try in your dreams!

Tired of living the life everyone expects of you? Change your route! Whether you have to start over, just do it!

If you want to become a famous Youtuber, start hitting that record button you’ve been eager to do!

You are afraid people are making fun of you. Everyone will but so what? If you succeed, they will be the ones that look up to you and ask for advice.

If you want to become an invincible fashion designer like Vera Wang, start sketching!

To be a top-notched player, you need to go overboard! People will not support you, but as long as you believe, anything is possible!

If you want to be a blogger like me, start typing away and sharing your content.

Who is stopping you? The only thing that you will regret is not taking action in the first place. Everything is there for you, the choice is yours!

Ready and Start!

Now that my first post is done, I can’t wait to push out more content. I might be tired, but I hope I don’t give up on this lifestyle blog.

If you are still debating on launching your health blog, lifestyle blog, fitness blog, or whatever it may be, just start baby steps! You’ll be surprised how much you can do!

I cannot wait to see how my lifestyle blog will go from here on out!

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