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10 Fun Things to Do in Boston That Should Be Added To Your Bucket List

You probably have heard of the big and expensive city of Massachusetts. Boston is a place you want to go and see for yourself. Just like Chicago, Boston has all four seasons. You can go any time of the year, but it’s better to go during the fall to see the beautiful leaves.

With many historical buildings, bakeries, attractions, and sports to see, you will be entertained the entire time. There are so many things to do in Boston since it is a big city like New York.

Boston is also considered a biotech hub and a city where you can find the finest dining experience for American cuisines.

If you are planning on visiting Boston because of the hype that has been going around, you need to see these places. Additionally, if you want to save money, you should think about getting the City Pass.

Things to Do in Boston

1. Boston Common and Public Garden

If you love outdoor activities and stay near nature, then Boston Gardens is the perfect place to visit. The gardens are packed with greenery and look very appealing to the eyes. There are a lot of food stalls near these public gardens from where you can get food and enjoy it in the garden.

There are also fun activities in these gardens, such as riding the swan boat, admiring the beautiful swans, playing games with your friends, walking around, or simply sitting and relaxing. This is one of the best activities that you can do to enjoy nature when you visit Boston.

2. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

If you like to do sightseeing, then going to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum can be a fantastic activity for you. This is a beautiful garden that is made into a museum with the most stunning frames hanging around. There is priceless artwork that you will see all around the museum. Other than this, there is a flower-filled courtyard where you will see flowers blossoming all year round.

The best thing about this museum is that if you have your birthday, then you can get free entry; also, if your first name is Isabella, then you will get free entry. So make sure you take advantage of this.

3. Museum of Fine Art

Visiting the Museum of Fine Art is one of the fun things to do in Boston. This is a museum where you will find a lot of different art collections. This place showcases some of the most stunning and eye-catching pieces. Therefore, if you visit Boston and you are a fan of the arts, then you should definitely check this place.

4. Boston Public Library

If you are a book reader, visiting Boston Public Library should be on your list. This is a magical library perfect for readers and book lovers. Here, you will find 23 million items, such as old newspapers, manuscripts, books, etc. The interior of the library is so unique and beautiful that once you go in, you will have a hard time coming out.

5. Harvard University

Boston is known for Harvard University. If you are a student, then visiting the Harvard campus should be on the list. You can even hire a tour who can help you navigate the area and also tell you different stories about the university. For students, this can be one of the most fun things to do in Boston and get insight into the students.

6. Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum

If you want to learn about the history of Boston, then visiting and becoming a part of the tea party ships can be a fun thing to do in Boston. Here, you will get a lot of different exhibitions and tours, and you will be able to see the authentic artifacts and learn more about American history.

7. Contemporary Art Museum

If you like contemporary art, then this art is a must-visit when you go to Boston. There, you will find so many new artists showcasing their art, selling and exhibiting their fantastic talent. Here, you will find not only artwork from America but also artists from all over the world.

8. Faneuil Hall Marketplace

For shopping lovers, the Faneuil Hall Marketplace is the best place where they can go and have the best time. This is the place where you can get souvenirs and handmade items for your friends and families. Not only is this an excellent place to shop, but you can find so many food stalls with the most unique and mouthwatering food.

There are also street performers in this marketplace that will make it more fun for you to shop as there will be fun things to stay entertained. You will also find entertaining and mind-boggling magic shows happening in the streets of this marketplace. So, if you like to have fun, eat, and shop, then this is the right place for you.

9. Beacon Hill Books

Exploring Beacon Hill Books is also one of the exciting things to do in Boston. This is considered one of the oldest neighborhoods in Boston. There are a lot of different things you can do here. You can stroll around the neighborhood; you can find cute shops, shops, and even restaurants and cafes where you can sit and have some yummy food.

10. Charles River Esplanade

If you like exploring and walking around, then Charles River Esplanade is the best spot. This is a stunning river with the most unique and stunning view. There is a narrow walking pathway on both sides of the river, which makes it a perfect place to walk, shill, eat some food, and enjoy the scenery.

Let’s Have Fun in Boston!

Boston is a colorful and adventurous place with a lot of things to do, enjoy, and eat. This is a place where everyone can find something that will pique their interest. So we hope the places mentioned above will be something that you can visit and make your Boston trip more fun.

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