9 Uncomfortable Truths about Life You Need to Know

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade because positive thinking will provide you with a fulfilling life and is better than being pessimistic. But being positive without being realistic isn’t worth it in the long run. To be happy in life, we may have to accept some uncomfortable truths, whether we like them or not, like the fear of mortality, being left alone, life is not all cotton balls, or your defecation doesn’t stink.

It would help if you headed into the storm like these uncomfortable truths to appreciate the light.

List of Uncomfortable Truths about Life

1. Comparing Yourself

You are born into your body, so comparing your looks or outlook will only get you somewhere, even if good-looking people may call it slowly.

You can work on attaining what others have constructively and actively. In that case, it is worth more than procrastinating on what you don’t have. It would help if you learned that as social animals, we couldn’t help but compare, but remember, what is presented on Instagram isn’t real.

2. Life Isn’t Fair

There are numerous things in life you don’t have control over, such as global recession, wars, death, or sometimes things that don’t have any logical explanation. So what you’re going to do about it? Wage war on everyone?

What may seem fair to you might seem a huge deal to someone else, and while we talk about something being suitable, we limit it to our perception.

3. Not Everyone Will Like You

This is the hardest-hitting and uncomfortable truth people fail to realize or take too long to understand. You can only please some; even if you try, they will trample on your principles and life rules.

It would be best to create a boundary so they respect your principles and values. Above them and beyond, you can try as hard as you want to build bonds and relationships, but not at the expense of losing your sanity and respect.

4. Don’t Try to Be Others

We have seen countless examples of children withering and fading into obscurity under the shadows of their parent’s legacies. They don’t get enough light to grow into their own and show what they are capable of. Others like Michael Jordan, Dwayne the Rock Jhonson, or even Brad Pitt want to be the best.

But what most forget is their hard work or looks and circumstances that got them where they are. You can never be the next Michael Jackson, but you surely can be the next Will I Am if you have the skills to hone them.

5. It’s Better to Fail than to Regret

It would be best to step out of your comfort zone because you don’t know what you might lack to improve upon unless you fail. If you take the easy way out, you will realize what you could have achieved and start regretting it sometime later.

So instead of regretting, work hard, fail, observe your mistakes, improve those lacking, and try again. JK Rowling was rejected numerous times before her first Harry Potter book saw the publishing press. Now we know what a global phenomenon her books and movies are because she didn’t quit.

6. Starting Over is Okay

Sometimes, you have been dealt a terrible hand in life. Your job sucks because your boss is a drag, and you aren’t getting paid enough. You need to find a reasonable date to have a good relationship or social life because of your job.

Sometimes, you must realize that you have much better options if you only dare to look. Even if you can’t find a better option, you can work on yourself after work hours, like taking a walk, hitting the gym, enjoying the entertainment you love, etc. When you are healthy physically and mentally, you will have the courage to start over anew. It takes time, but starting over to get out of your uncomfortable predicament is highly possible.

7. Nobody is Perfect

We all have our flaws or something we lack, which means nothing can be perfect like a perfect life, job, date, or romantic evening. Don’t let making things perfect let you enjoy the little things in life that are shabby and give you comfort instead of looks.

You can read the news and see how even the richest or most famous person is not perfect. They have flaws and other things they struggle with. Read how celebrities struggle and can get the last laugh here.

Having a streamlined and relaxing life is worth more than a perfect one. We all know the ideal approach is subjective, so don’t follow unrealistic dreams. Build on what you have and can embrace.

8. Stop Caring About Others

Your life is yours only, so why should you care how people are living theirs. Is their life better than yours? Are you them? You are in control of your future, so make the best out of it. You can’t live theirs but yours. Others don’t care for your feelings or your future. You shouldn’t be wasting time thinking about other people when you should be focusing on yourself. Only care for others if they show commitment and progress.

9. It’s Not an Income Problem; It’s a Spending Problem

The more we earn, the higher our spending habits become. Some might think they live hand to mouth even after gaining so much and wonder why they can’t make it work. Your frivolous spending is a hole in your pocket, not that you are earning less.

Buy what you need and not what you want. Learn how to shop and save. Save at least a month or two of your earnings for a rainy day, and whatever is extra, spend on what makes a healthy lifestyle.

Take Action on Yourself!

Every aspect and uncomfortable truth in this list requires you to act and do something. It would help if you went out to work and worked hard to make a good living. A relationship demands time and effort, such as giving love, time, and sometimes confrontation to make things right and be all for the better.

You can’t sit on your bottoms all day and expect everything will work out. Life demands sacrifice, not a goat, a life, or a virgin’s blood. It requires time, effort, planning, thinking, and working on yourself to lead a happy and fulfilling life. That’s the most uncomfortable truth we need to realize.

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