Decoding the Jeans in Business Casual

When discussing business casual outfits, there is a fine line between actual business attire and being too simple. How can you define what is “business” and what combination constitutes a more “casual” look?

No holes, no ripped or torn hem jeans. These are a big no-no for business casual attire and don’t portray professionalism and dependability.


Holes and Rips


Wear a fitting buttoned shirt with subtle colors and finish it with a blazer. Wearing a blazer adds professionalism

Shirt and Blazer


Wear what you usually wear to work, but complement it with a jean, whether a well-knitted and sophisticated blazer or a stylish business shirt

Business Casual


First of all, you need to wear slim jeans, not fitting or baggy Start by buying some black jeans, and relegate them to your casual attire when they fade.

Black Jeans

You are now a firm believer like us and a resounding yes to “Are jeans business casual” because they are if done perfectly. One thing to note is to look online for inspiration or observe if someone in your company is already wearing them.