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Where to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

If you have always thought of those free Amazon gift card scams, you have interpreted things wrong! Owing to multiple tips and tricks, you can leverage your expenses and time to obtain gift cards for not only Amazon but also many other renowned retailers. Wondering how it works?

Globally famed retailers like Amazon offer multiple opportunities for customers to acquire free Amazon gift cards. These include taking online surveys, playing some games, and more. If you want to dive deeper into how and where you can get free Amazon gift cards, we have covered you in this comprehensive guide. Hop inside to begin exploring!

Getting Free Amazon Gift Cards Directly from Amazon

1.  Amazon Rewards Credit Card

Are you a frequent Amazon buyer? Getting an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card will be a great idea! At first, you get a $150 Amazon gift card right after the approval of your Amazon Prime Visa Card.

Moreover, the card offers 1 to 10% cashback on each Amazon purchase without charging an annual fee. Specifically, you get 1% cashback on each purchase, 2% at gas stations and restaurants, and 10% on the selected Prime purchases.

2.  Reload an Amazon Gift Card

Amazon often runs tempting deals, including reloading an existing Amazon gift card and obtaining a bonus. For instance, some deals might demand you to reload your existing Amazon gift card with $100 to get a $10 bonus.

3. Trade in Your Books and Electronics

Do you have piles of old books or electronics in your home? Rely on Amazon’s Trade-In Program to get paid for them. The process is pretty simple. You have to send your e-readers, tablets, game consoles, smartphones, books, etc., via free shipping. Your products will be assessed, and if they get approved, you will receive a free Amazon gift card equating to the appraised value of the goods.

However, if they get rejected, you will receive them back. You can try selling them on other platforms, maybe a thrift shop selling these goods or a second-hand item purchasing and selling shop.

Other Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

1.  User Interviews

This amazing website is a consumer research company that bridges the gap between retailers, like Amazon, with queries to the consumers with honest opinions. In it, you take paid surveys and receive benefits and rewards. Most of the studies pay via Amazon gift cards only. These can vary in rate from $50 to $200 per hour, and that’s truly appreciable.

2.  Fetch Rewards

Next on the list is Fetch Rewards, which stands out as a prominent platform among its competitors for a unique points-giving strategy. Besides playing games or taking surveys, you only need to snap your grocery shopping receipt and upload it on the website. In return, you will earn points that can be redeemed to obtain a free Amazon gift card. It’s the best way to leverage your daily expenses. Who doesn’t like to shop and save?

3.  Bing

When searching on Google, we don’t even get a penny, but by searching on Bing with Microsoft Rewards, you get points on every search. Undoubtedly, it will take a long time to gather enough points to redeem a $5 Amazon gift card. But if you are into researching most of the time, this point bonus will prove helpful. At least you can earn pay for a free cup of coffee via your bonus.

4.  Shopkick

Another great idea is to shop from dedicated shopping portals, like Shopkick. Owing to it, you can earn kicks in 8 different ways. All you need to do is to let the app access your location, just like multiple other cards do.

Firstly, you get kicks on entering into one of the selected stores yourself. For a bonus, you will have to scan the barcodes of specific products. You can earn more kicks by paying for your purchases via the linked cards. These kicks can be later redeemed as free Amazon Gift Cards.

5.  Mistplay

Where are the Android users? This is a great deal for you! If you are into gaming and love playing them, let’s earn some rewards from them. Download Mistplay, play your desired programs, and earn rewards from them to redeem gift cards for sites like Amazon, iTunes, etc. The redemption rate might vary from retailer to retailer; you can obtain more information from the official site.

6.  Swagbucks

Well, we have another platform with multiple point-earning opportunities. Whether you like playing games, completing paid surveys, shopping online, or watching videos, this platform is the one for you.

Here, the earned points are referred to as SBs. You get SBs for each task completed, and once you have earned 300 Swagbucks, go to the site and redeem it as a $3 Amazon gift card. More points will give more value. The best part? You get a $10 welcome bonus on signing up on the app.

7.  FocusGroup

Backed by Sago, FocusGroup pays off on research. You can research any desired topics, from banking and cars to technology. Just spot your niche of interest, browse for national studies, and schedule them according to your convenience. You can discuss a study on a webcam or call anytime. When looking for studies, I prefer ones that pay between $75 and $200.

In general, 20-minute online surveys pay around $2, whereas 90-minute online or in-person will pay you up to $150. You can also rely on the rewards obtained from this site for free Amazon shopping.

Your Path to Amazon Gift Cards

The concept of free Amazon gift cards might seem like a scam, but that’s not true. Multiple platforms offer points to be redeemed for Amazon gift cards. You must upload snaps of grocery receipts, take surveys, shop from selected portals, or play games to get them in return or obtain them from Amazon itself.

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