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Cool Things to Draw to Destress and Be Happy

Drawing is an art form that has been around for centuries. It is a way to communicate ideas and feelings, capture moments, and explore your creativity and imagination.

Drawing is therapeutic and a form of self-care. It is also the perfect way to pass the time and let your mind wander. And when you’re overwhelmed with the demands and responsibilities in your life, drawing can help to destress and find a sense of calm and clarity.

There are countless cool things to draw, but like writer’s block, sometimes it can be difficult to choose what to create or find inspiration. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, here are some ideas for cool things to draw that can become a masterpiece.

Characters From TV Shows/Movies/Comics

You can find cool things to draw with your favorite TV show, movie, or comic. Creating your own version of one of the iconic characters would be fun. Whether you draw a superhero, a villain, or your favorite Disney princess, use your imagination to bring them to life in a new way.

Visualize your favorite characters in different settings or situations, from everyday life to battling villains and saving the world. You can get inspiration from a picture of your favorite character and try to recreate it. 

How about creating characters you want to see in a TV show or movie? That could be a fun and creative project. Go for it!

Plants and Flowers

When you think of cool things to draw, nature is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. However, plants make for beautiful and captivating subjects for your artwork. You have many options, from delicate flowers to vibrant tropical leaves. Drawing plants tend to soothe the mind and help one to relax. 

Take a walk in a garden or park, and look at the plants and flowers in detail. Observe their unique shapes and colors, and experiment with ways to capture these qualities on paper. You could draw individual flowers or an entire garden or focus on a specific type of flower or plant, like roses, daisies, tulips, or succulents.

You could even associate what you draw with a particular feeling or emotion. For example, you could draw a calming and serene scene with delicate flowers in cool shades of blue and green or an energetic and vibrant setting with bright flowers in bold reds and oranges.

Let your creativity flow, and you will be surprised by what you can create!

Houses and Buildings

Do you love construction or architecture? Another cool thing to draw is a building or house that evokes awe, interest, and curiosity. You can find inspiration from the Taj Mahal, the Chrysler Building, the unique architecture of your city, or your home. Whatever you choose, there are endless possibilities for your work of art.

When drawing a house or building, you can focus on one part or create a whole scene. For example, you could create a detailed drawing of a window or door, draw the side of a building with people walking by and cars zooming past, or create a picture of an entire city. You can also situate your drawing in a dreamy and surreal environment or depict daytime or nighttime scenes.

Express your creativity using pencil, ink, paint, or go digital. Experiment with different perspectives, such as an aerial view, or create cool 3D effects using shading and light.

Holiday Theme 

If you have a favorite holiday, why not draw something related to it? You could draw chocolates for Valentine’s day, a spooky house for Halloween, a turkey for Thanksgiving, or presents for Christmas. Whatever it is you like, you can draw whatever you want. 

Think about cool things to draw, like eerie forests, haunted castles, creepy cemeteries, or a monster with fangs and glowing eyes. How about the Joker with his terrifying smile or a scary clown with blood dripping from his sharp teeth? The more spooky and gory, the better!

The World Cup

The world cup is the most popular sporting event, with many avid fans around the world anticipating it every four years. With a massive fanbase, rest assured that you have an audience for anything cool you could draw about the world cup. However, this might take time to draw since there are many things to draw about this topic.

Here is an idea for your canvas – have the world cup at the center of the drawing, with top competing players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi jostling for the trophy. Add the host nation’s flag or logo in the top corner and details like a roaring crowd, national flags, or winning moments.

Share your world cup drawing online ahead of the next world cup, and it may go viral. FIFA may even feature your masterpiece on social media or its official website. The possibilities are endless!

Abstract or Surreal Drawing

If you are an artist who loves to push the boundaries, an abstract or surreal drawing is more your style. Drawing abstracts is one of the coolest things to draw since they have a vague meaning, but it can be visually striking and intriguing.

Abstract drawing is the best way to challenge yourself and express yourself. This type of art does not follow specific rules or represent anything in the real world, so feel free to go wild and create your visual language.

Use a mix of colors, smear paint or ink, and let your imagination go wild!


Why not go to the zoo and find cool things to draw? From pets to wildlife, animals are always a fun and popular subject for drawings. The drawing can feature only the animal, or it may also include scenery and other elements. To get started, consider the type of animals you love to draw, like your dog, cat, or favorite animal from the zoo.

If you want to make a drawing of your pet, have them stay still for a few minutes and make a few sketches. Better yet, take a picture of your preferred pose if you can’t get them to sit still. When your drawing is complete, you can add details like their name or a collar and show it to friends and family.

If you are more interested in drawing wildlife, search the internet or visit a zoo for inspiration. If you go to a zoo, be cautious when sketching animals, as safety should always be the number one priority.

A Movie or Album Cover

We live in a world where anyone can recreate existing art, adding their spin and interpretation. Consider doing the same by drawing your version of a movie or album cover. Take a few minutes to search online and reflect, and you might have cool things to draw on paper. 

Think about your favorite movie or song and the best imagery to go with it. The drawing can be an adaptation of a photo of the movie’s cast or band members, a crucial scene from the film, your version of the movie cover, or a depiction of the theme or mood that permeates the movie or music.

Share your artwork on social media and tag the movie producers or artists in your post. This simple pastime activity can make you feel like a true artist, and you never know who might appreciate your talents.


No matter where you are, the sunset is always beautiful and awe-inspiring. There are many existing sunset drawings, but you can create a unique version by adding a personal touch.

Think about the colors you want to use and the message you want to convey. Is it a sunset that reeks of melancholy or a hopeful one? Do you want to use the sunset as a backdrop while focusing on specific elements like people, animals, or other things?

How about a view of the sunset from your lawn or from the beach, where you often go to watch the sunset? Add something that reminds you of home, like a sailboat on the horizon or a special person or place that is meaningful to you. With creativity and imagination, you can create a stunning sunset drawing.

A Camp Site

How about finding cool things to draw at a camping site? Camping is an incredible way to explore and appreciate nature. With a few simple materials, such as a tent and sleeping bag, you can create a comfortable campsite in your backyard. Better yet, take a trip to the mountains or woods for an authentic outdoor adventure.

While you’re there, consider drawing the campsite and nature around you. You can start with a basic outline of your tent and add details like trees, flowers, and animals you may have spotted in the area. Try to capture the feeling of nature in your drawing, and use bright colors and unique textures to make it pop.

If you build a campfire, you can also use that as a focal point with your family or friends sitting around it.

Unleash Your Creativity

Regardless of your art skill level or what you choose to draw, one thing is sure: drawing can be fun and is a rewarding way to express your creativity. Let your imagination run wild and sketch away. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or intermediate-level artist. What matters is the fun you have drawing cool things on paper. 

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