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Places to Buy Cute Colored Contacts That Will Make You Look Stunning

Contact lenses are typically used by people who don’t want to wear glasses, but colored contacts are a whole new story. They can change your look and make you feel more confident. They are more than lenses since they unveil a new facet of your personality and character – literally a form of self-expression.

With many brands out there, you don’t know which ones are legit. Colored contacts are expensive, and you don’t want to break your bank. The list below are affordable colored contacts that you can buy at affordable prices. Let me help you save time and money by giving you reputable brands.

Top 10 Places to Buy Colored Contacts

Buying colored contact lenses with excellent quality and the perfect color you want at the best price isn’t possible if you don’t know where to buy them. Let’s see if some of these places tinkle your buying spirit.

1.  Moody

Moody is your store if you are looking for naturally looking colored contacts. They develop new shades and colors regularly, seeing this as experimental makeup for the eyes. So, express yourself via your eyes and explore different moods from Moody.

What’s more, they partner with leading manufacturers who excel in R&D and provide the highest quality of products. All their colored contacts are FDA and CE-approved, so you can rest assured about the safety of your eyes. To your surprise, their prices start from just $9 per pair. What an unbelievable price where you can shop and save simultaneously.

2.  Pinky Paradise

With 12 prime colors and funky shades, you can choose from many combinations and get the best one that fits you. Try Pinky Paradise’s Princess Pinky Sensual Blue, Lunar Earth Yellow, Barbie Brown, and more; they have many options for cosplay fans. You can check out their most wanted collection if you want to craft a scary look for Halloween, wearing something more eccentric.

There is a whole line for an Astigmatism look, especially for a corrective and stylish look. Moreover, they have tons of lenses inspired by the best Instagram influencers and makeup artists. Choose one of the numerous shades and styles and become the different you always wanted.

3.  Twinklens

Starting from $9.90, you can get 70 unique styles and colors from Twinklens, all of which are natural-feeling colored contacts. You can use a one-time promo code BOGO to get a further discount, dropping the purchase price to only $4.95.

They have 300+ colored contact styles, especially for Halloween and other festivities. There isn’t a color or shade that you won’t find in Twinklens. Don’t waste your time, and start looking at the different styles before they sell out.

4.  Olens

Right to your doorstep from the land of K-Pop, Olens brings all the colors and shades if you want to dress up like their pop stars and more. Choose from various classes and shades, whether scarlet choice, astigmatism, or clear shades. Every day there is a variety of sales on different products, so keep on the lookout, and you will find one that might be your fancy.

There are plenty of other discounts, too, such as 15% and 10% off for the first purchase from the app and website simultaneously. As a new member, you get 2-3 contact pairs worth $105 with the first purchase. Read real people’s reviews who have tried and tested shades and see how they look in real life.


Just like other online shops on our list, BEAUEYE also has tons of options that you can choose from. Go into their main menu and choose from color, series, type, accessories, and more categories.

One great thing about this shop is that they have the lowest starting price of $7.99 on our list, which is 70% off on your first purchase or when the discounts last. If you are on the fence about purchasing from them, you can scroll down and see their comment section, where many real-life customers comment on products. Impressive reviews will surely help you make an informed decision.

6.  MyEyeBB

If you are on a tight budget but also want the best quality colored contacts, then you should check out MyEyeBB’s BOGO sales line. Most of the products on their BOGO line is under $30, which is FDA-approved and is worth every penny. The only issue some customers might have is that their range is focused chiefly on 5-tone designs, so there are few options.

7.  Lens.Me

If you don’t want to explore multiple shops to get the best colors and prices, you can visit Lens.Me where you can shop by brands as well. They have multiple brands on their panel, like Anesthesia, Freshlook, ColorVision, etc. Search in other contexts from more than 250 natural shades and styles while receiving your choice within a week with their express global shipping.

8.  TTDeye

Most of the shops on our list allow you to choose from daily, weekly, or monthly wear-colored contacts, but TTDeye is a bit different in this aspect. Even though they are famous for their go-to cosplay enthusiasts, their lenses are a one-time affair.

Many artists and streamers might mention their names online because of their customer service and colors. So, choose them for your next cosplay or Halloween!

9.  LensDirect

The first on our list is more prescription-based colored contacts than fancy and fun types. LensDirect has a good reputation due to its high quality as they are prescription-based but don’t have many options. So, these might not be for you if you love eccentric and funky choices but need them to see better instead of wearing glasses.

10.   Coloured Contacts

Coloured Contacts don’t have as many crazy options as others as the other brands because they cater to more natural colored contacts instead of fancy ones. However, their recent addition, high-quality UV lights that glow in the dark, are worth trying.

Confidence in Every Glance

Gone are the days when you need to go into brick-and-mortar shops to choose the best color, try their samples, and view yourself in the mirror. Now, you can check reviews of your favorite shops or dive into YouTube streams and shorts to see how they look. Digital commerce has made it infinitely easy for us.

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