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How to Energize Your Workspace With Simple Office Decor

Working at home has become a reality for many people over the past few years. So how can you make your home office a productivity oasis for you? Some use accessories on their desks, while others find objects to draw attention away from their screens.

If you’re revamping your home office, here is some inspiration for office decor ideas you might enjoy.

Office Decor You Need to Consider

Revamped and All-New Appearance

Sometimes a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference in a room. Imagine how a fresh coat of cherry paint may perk you up if you work from home. Or you could add new wallpaper with a unique pattern to one of your walls. Find your ideal paint or wallpaper and watch for sales. 

This DIY task is something you could do in a single day. And once you’re done, you’ll wish you had made this change sooner!

Desk Accessories 

Your desk or workstation should be all about organization. Whatever you use each week should be within arms reach and serve a functional purpose. You have many office decor options when it comes to desk accessories.

A stationary monitor stands to bring the screen up at eye level, and a mouse and a keyboard are all items that may be required at work. A desk lamp and/or a desk organizer would also be nice additions. All of these things have the potential to improve the efficiency of a workplace.

In addition to what you need to be productive, add one or two sentimental items on your desk, like a unique photo, figurine, or artwork. 

Shelves and Bookcases

Try cleaning up your workspace if you’re feeling mentally drained at work. You should have a place for everything, especially in your work environment.

A shelving unit or bookcase can help you become more productive by organizing your books, reference materials, binders, and other office supplies. They are a must-have office decor in your space.

Shelving lets you display aesthetically pleasant items like plants, photographs, and books. You could also add a “knick Knack shelf” to one wall in your office. These long narrow shelves are perfect for your small photos, plants, or mementos.


Now that you’ll be spending more time in your home office upgrade your furniture to something more functional. With proper and thorough research, you’ll be able to find something in your price range or, even better, something on sale.

Both simple and elaborate desks exist. Your home office design will determine whether you need a desk with drawers, a desk with no drawers, an L-shaped desk, a square desk, or a rectangular desk.

You may also be interested in a standing desk that conveniently raises your monitor to eye level when standing. This is great for blood circulation, so you’re not sitting for hours. And when you are sitting, you may want an ergonomic chair. 

Prices range from very low for a simple plastic chair to very high for a lavishly upholstered luxury leather one. You should try out the chair in the store to be sure it has all the features you desire and will be comfortable for an extended period.


It doesn’t matter where in your home office you put the plants. Plants are the perfect office decor that makes the workspace more inviting. The little plant would look great on a tabletop, shelf, or sill. A plant cascading from above your bookcase is an attractive addition, and if you have the space, a large plant on the floor is another option.

In their various forms, plants are suitable for three reasons: keeping you productive, giving fresh oxygen, and making the space more lively. They’re a great way to brighten your home office while reducing tension and anxiety.

If you don’t have a green thumb, no worries. Many stories offer plastic plants that look so realistic that you can’t even tell they’re fake unless you touch them. No fuss, no muss!

Decorations for the Wall

The things you choose to hang on your walls might serve as daily sources of motivation or relaxation. For example, an ocean or beach scene could be very soothing, and you might be interested in purchasing a print or many. You may also try a more inspirational idiom.

You may also have your degrees or certificates that you would like to display proudly. And, of course, you could also have some special family or pet photos to hang on the wall or display on your shelves.

In addition to these aesthetic items, you may also want some functional things hanging on your walls. For example, if you’re visual and reminders or important items hung on the wall, a corkboard or whiteboard would be a great idea.

An electronic calendar is convenient, but a big wall calendar may be more to your liking. Lastly, a huge clock on one wall can give a room a retro vibe. When you need a break from staring at a screen all day, a wall hanging can be a terrific focal point.

Movement of Air

Depending on the season, you may want to use a fan, heater, or humidifier in your home office. A stuffy, hot office is not a great place to get work done. You also don’t want cold feet or hands when working either. 

Fortunately, a wide variety of fans, warmers, and humidifiers are available for purchase. It’s possible that you’d benefit greatly from a humidifier, floor warmer, or even a desk fan. Be sure to consider the size of your office space and how the air flows throughout.

Additional Technology

If you’re able to stretch your budget a little farther for your office, you may have your eye on a few new techy products that could make your workday more productive.

A mouse and keyboard designed with ergonomics in mind can ease the strain on the wrists and lessen the possibility of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The products may also be wireless and sync with a computer.

Buying a new laptop? Do some research on prices, brands, and features. With the rapid pace at which technology advances, it is essential to study thoroughly before purchasing a laptop or other technology.

Since most people can’t afford high-end technology, you should always check for discounts. Investing in a product for its functionality rather than its visual appeal can pay huge dividends.

Picking the Option that Best Suits You

The nice thing about boosting your office decor is that you can do it in stages. Half the fun is visiting websites and looking for that perfect new piece for your home office.

Your wish list goods should be shown in the store for your perusal before making a purchase. Make a list of things you need and use it to guide your monthly spending.

It’s important to keep in mind that you can get by just fine without purchasing name-brand items. A well-appointed workplace is within your reach. Work from home, and you’ll be more motivated and productive. Just what is it that has your creative juices flowing?

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